April 23, 2024

How to find the right wedding photographer

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There are so many factors from future newlywed’s perspective when it comes down to booking your wedding photographer. From budget, to style, to the photographer you don’t want to go with someone just because. I’m here to give your my top three tips!

My name is Madison. I’ve been in the wedding industry for 5 years and I’d like to think I know a thing or two about the client experience, working with couples and in the wedding industry!

Okay let’s get into it!

Tip #1- Don’t follow your budget for your wedding photographer…

Let me explain…I can totally understand the needs and the importance of a budget for each vendor; we all know weddings aren’t cheap but they are indeed an investment. I think having a budget ballpark is much more convenient than a stricter number. Why? Because you will get knocked down when your strict budget number doesn’t align with a photographer you inquire with. So, I really recommend having a ballpark budget number so when you do inquire and they share their pricing, you have a better understanding of what you would be paying for!

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Tip #2- The photographer’s style

Listen, if you inquire with a photographer whose work is dark and moody, but you want bright and airy photos, let’s save each other time in our day and don’t click that inquire button. Not only should you look through the photographer’s instagram feed, go to their website and look through their portfolio and ask to see a full wedding gallery. A full wedding gallery gives you a good idea of what your photos will look like; the angles, the candid moments, poses etc. You also want to think to yourselves, would you love the style 5, 10, 20, etc years from now?

Tp #3- The photographer’s personality

Your photographer will literally be with you 80% of your wedding day! Not only do you have to love the photographer’s art, but you should also like them and being around them 😝. Sounds silly, but truly, you don’t want your special day to be awkward or even ruined because you never aligned with your photographer. SO, during your discovery call with the photographer, get to know them outside of photography, feel out how you guys get along and the banter and so on!

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