June 8, 2024

First Look With Your Significant Other

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When you’re preparing your wedding timeline and just thinking of the overall events that you want happening, First look is always a hot topic; do you do a first look, does it ruin the moment you’re walking down the aisle? While it’s SO normal and justifiable to have these thoughts and questions run through your mind, in this post I want to go over everything and hopefully alleviate the stress you may have, and give you a clear answer.

What is a first look?

A first look is a thought that crosses all brides. Now, a first look is usually done with their significant other, parent (most common is the father/male figure) and sometimes siblings (like a brother). This happens before your ceremony where, your significant other is turned around and you walk up and tap the shoulder for them to turn around. This is such a great opportunity for you and your partner to have a moment together; alone (with your media vendors 😆).

What to expect.

If you’ve decided to do a first look, you will definitely have nerves. Exciting and happy nerves but in all, it’s okay to feel nervous! Also, I would take. it. in!! During this little bit of time together, it’s so important to enjoy that block of time one on one. You should also expect pictures!! (duh). During the moment of the first look, just forget about your photographer and videographer. After the first look, you’ll probably have time for portraits. This is a great time to do your wedding portraits if you’d like to take part in your cocktail hour.

I highly recommend adding about a 15-20 minute buffer time to do your first look and the portraits. If you’ve decided to do a first look with family members, I would add some extra time!

Does a first look take away from you walking down the aisle?

When I talk to my wedding couples, I feel like this is the main question when deciding if a first look should be added…IT WON’T!! Oh my goodness I cannot stress it enough! Yes, your partner knows what you look like, but either way, the fact that you and your partner are minutes away from “I do” and that feeling will never change regardless of your partner seeing you before the ceremony or not!

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