January 2, 2024

Enchanting End-of-Year Moody Romance: Alternative Wedding Inspiration

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Curating your Moody Wedding Aesthetic

At The Edison Barn nestled in the heart of Dade City, Florida, Ashley and Michael embarked on a journey to craft an alternative wedding brimming with moody romance. Curating a unique aesthetic for your big day goes beyond just choosing colors and themes—it’s about orchestrating an experience that reflects your distinct love story. With Pinterest as your mood board haven, envision a tapestry of deep hues and ethereal details. But the true magic lies in translating these visions into reality. Engaging with your photographer early on, sharing your mood board, ensures each frame captures the very essence of your intimate, moody affair—etched in time for eternity. You can even ask your photographer to begin your mood board if you are having a hard time starting it by giving them some words to describe what you want.

Unique Alternative Wedding Details at the Edison Barn

Amidst the captivating allure of The Edison Barn in Dade City, Florida, Ashley and Michael meticulously curated a wedding brimming with moody allure and personal flair. The black-painted barn provided a striking backdrop, perfectly aligning with their distinctive aesthetic. Ashley radiated elegance in a black lace gown and cathedral black veil, embodying timeless romance with a touch of edge.

Their commitment was symbolized by wedding bands nestled within a coffin ring box, engraved with the words ‘Till Death’. Adding a personalized touch, Ashley adorned gem-studded Converse sneakers from Etsy, reflecting their individuality in every step.

Mauve, red, and pink florals graced the venue, infusing the atmosphere with depth and richness. The night resonated with an eclectic mix of Tim Burton instrumentals and Emo music, setting an enchanting tone that echoed their unique love story.

A Non-Traditional Wedding Photography Perspective

At the core of Ashley and Michael’s wedding was an undeniable, profound love—intertwined with every detail, supported by cherished family and friends who embraced their unique vision, transforming it into a breathtaking reality.

As a photographer who adores the extraordinary, I’m passionate about encapsulating such singular love stories. I delve deep into understanding my couples, forging connections well before the big day. I cherish the mood board, the aspirations of how they wish to reminisce about their wedding, etching those emotions into the photographs I craft.

For those seeking a nontraditional wedding, I’m your perfect wedding photographer. I strive to mirror the essence of your love, ensuring every image portrays the authentic narrative that makes your union truly remarkable.

Thank you so so so much for being apart of our special day and truly caring. You seriously made my picture dreams come true



  1. Sophia Gold says:

    This is so cool and unique! What a fun wedding!

  2. Letha says:

    Oh I LOVE all this mood!

  3. So gorgeous and so moody! Love it!

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