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Hey there, I'm Madison and I' can't wait to give you the best experience

It's reckless and rugged, it's sweet and it's stubborn
Love is a cowboy

It's reckless and rugged, it's sweet and it's stubborn
Love is a cowboy

I'm here to get to know my clients and their love story and uniquely capture who they are

So what do I do differently?

I take an approach that is more than just your photographer, I become friends with many of my clients. I like to take the time to truly get to know them, and their story. What is their love language? How do they spend a day off together? What is so something they value dearly in their life? Getting to genuinely know my clients, brings the emotion out of the photo. Each wedding/elopement and session are all truly unique to the couple.

It's reckless and rugged, it's sweet and it's stubborn
Love is a cowboy

Get to know your photographer

A little peek behind the lense

My name is Madison and I have been capturing stories for 5 years now. I have always dabbled with photography since I received a polaroid as a kid. I always knew that one day I would be doing something creative with my life, I was always drawn to it. Beyond the lens I am also a mom to 3 wonderful kids. Spending time outdoors and traveling has also always been a strong passion for me. To see small towns to giant cities, I want to see it all. I want to hike every mountain and test every campground. When I am not out capturing the world, hiking the trails you can also find me reading my books or watching a horror movie recharging my battery.

I have many passions and love to get to know people their passions, which is why I connect so well with my clients. It is an absolute honor to be the one they trust to capture their special day.

Photographer / Creative / Mother -

My why

I have adored love stories since I was a little kid, it's something that has always been a magical part of life to me. To watch the adoration from one person to another and to capture and help show them how sweet and special their love is. To preserve their story to last from generation to generation.

My Travel bucket-list:

Book with me in one of my bucket list locations for zero travel fees. I'm Florida based but I'm traveling all over for your love and photos.

- Oregon Coast
- Zion National Park
- Joshua Tree
- Bonneville Salt Flats

I wanna travel with you let's go

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